KolXPD - Software for measurement and processing of photoelectron spectroscopy data

FCS - Potentiostat and automation for LEANCAT Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Stations

PicoPTC - Potentiostat for current ranges 100mA to 10nA, resolution down to 10pA

BLECS - Inteligent interior light effect and control system

Workshop on current successes in the photoemission | November 13-15, 2017

Custom development of electronics and software

  • Microelectronics development
    • system and scheme design
    • design and production of PCBs
    • mounting parts to PCB (working with SMD part up to small cases such as 0402, QFN, etc.)
    • commissioning and testing of prototypes
    • use of Atmel microcontrollers (tiny, mega, XMEGA)
    • firmware for microcontrollers design and development in C++ and assembler
    • communication with PC via RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, etc.
    • measurement and control of digital, analog and physical quantities
    • management of the various peripherals and devices
    • design solution for the unit production

  • XComm Development Framework
    • framework for rapid development of intelligent electronics
    • set of development boards with high-performance microcontrollers Atmel XMEGA
    • boards communicate with a PC and with each other via the XC-BUS based on RS485 at speed up to 1MBd
    • suitable for industrial environment
    • standardized protocol, prepared firmware modules and management software for PC
    • easy extension of firmware and software with specific functions
    • firmware can be upgraded directly over the bus
    • drivers for LabVIEW, DLL libraries for any development tools

  • PC software development
    • management software for electronics and devices
    • acquiring and processing of scientific and industrial data, mathematical processing, fitting, modeling, etc.
    • custom software applications development
    • software for system integration
    • development in Delphi XE, C++ Builder XE, Java, Labview, PHP, SQL, etc.

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