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Stack EIS Product Family

StackEIS product family is a modular testing system for EIS analysis of H2FC stacks. System is designed for cooperation with external DC load which handles most of the stack power. System also provides continuous cell voltage monitoring feature, even during EIS acquisition.

As the system is modular it is usually built according to concrete application. The decisive parameters are concrete parameters of the stacks that might be planned for measurement: maximum voltage, maximum current, maximum power, and parameters of available booster. The information serves for the right choice of StackEIS power part. The system is always water-cooled.

The certain power part configuration allows to do EIS acquisition of data simultaneously from all cells. In this case it is necessary to know what is the maximum number of channels that might be possibly measured.


  • Stack voltage up to 1000 V
  • Stack current up to 2000 A
  • Inner dissipated power of StackEIS up 20 kW
  • EIS measurement one cell gradually or all cells simultaneously
  • High precision current sensing of both DC and AC components

Most sold

Product Descritption
StackEIS-12050A-500 Stack EIS analyzer, internal load 120 V / 50 A / 500 W, external load up to 500 A
StackEIS-M Stack EIS-M analyzer, internal load 600 V / 120 A / 16 kW, external load up to 800 A
If these variants do not suit you, please contact us, we offer customized solutions!


Potentiostat - for research and testing of hydrogen cells, ±5 V, ±20 A, current ranges 20 mA - 20 A, Impedance spectroscopy up to 1 MHz

KiloLoad - system for testing and EIS measurements of automotive-grade cells (e.g. 500 cm2) with currents up to 2 kA, AC current for EIS up to 50 A

KiloPotentiostat - system for testing and EIS measurements of automotive-grade cells (e.g. 500 cm2) with currents up to 2 kA, AC current for EIS up to 50 A

Overview of all Cell & Stack Testing products


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