I/O DIN-rail modules

  • Custom I/O modules for DIN rail with rich features
  • Side-connected by RS485 bus, intended for control by PC software
  • Intended for control by PC software or for stand-alone operation
  • Proprietary protocol XC2, up to 1MBd speed
  • Smart health self-monitoring, fuses, watchdogs etc. for safe operation
  • Custom software for user application, configurable by ini files and scripts
  • External control of software via TCP/IP, LabView drivers on request
  • Module types:
    • DIO - 24V/2-10A power outputs with current sensing and fusing, analog/digital inputs
    • AIO - differential analog inputs and outputs, available ranges 0-10V, +/-10V, +/-100mV, etc.
    • REL - module with classic or solid-state relays with contacs for 230V/2-5A
    • XAM - universal I/O, plugin system for custom configuration. Example of plugin: galvanically isolated thermocouple-meter with cold junction compensation
    • Custom modules can be developed on request
  • Used e.g. in LEANCAT Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing Stations

Custom-designed Automation Control Units

  • Custom designed hardware setup for target application
  • Custom software development for user application


Download DIN modules whitepaper