Multi-channel temperature and voltage monitor / meter

Key features

  • 16 independent channels for temperature sensors and voltage measuring
  • Multiple order of magnitude input voltage range
  • Most common temperature sensors:
    • Thermocouples, built in precise cold junction compensation
    • RTD sensors (Pt100, Pt1000)
    • NTC thermistors up to 10 kΩ
  • Each channel is galvanically isolated
  • Adjacent channels can be connected internally to common potential
  • Multiple TEVOMETs can be chained through internal bus up to total 160 channels
  • Multiple communication options with - Ethernet, USB, RS-485
  • Simple open protocol
  • PC monitoring software
  • LabView drivers
  • On-demand modification options: eg. additional communication protocols, built-in display, custom algorithms


  • Fuel-cell stack monitoring
    • voltage on individual cells - adjacent channels can be galvanically joined to save wiring
    • whole stack voltage and current (with external shunt)
    • cell temperature
  • Battery monitoring
  • Experimental instrumentation
  • Bakeout controllers
    • complete Kolibrik.net Bakeout Controller solution available
  • Industrial automation

Technical information

Download datasheet
General Number of channels 16
Dimensions 165 x 225 x 52 mm
Mounting stand-alone
Protection rating IP20
Measuring channels Input voltage range ± 10 mV to 150 V
Sampling resolution 16 bits, adjustable input gain
Max. sample rate 5 Hz
Protection Overvoltage protection
Open circuit detection
Galvanic insulation 500 V from power supply
500 V between channels (can be overridden)
Thermocouple connection Directly into clamps
Integrated cold-junction compensation
RTD Two-wire, Pt100 and Pt1000
NTC Two-wire, max 10 kΩ
Interfaces USB USB 2.0 device
USB-A connector
Ethernet 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
RJ-45 connector
RS-485 Screw terminals, up to 1 MBd