KiloAmp Zero-Voltage Load with Potentiostat

System for testing and EIS measurements of automotive-grade cells (e.g. 500 cm2) with currents up to 2 kA, AC current for EIS up to 50 A.

  • System consists of 100 A potetiostat and high current booster for sink mode
  • Example configuration (on pictures):
    • Output +/-10 V, source 100 A, sink up to 800 A
    • Power up to 4 kW, water cooling
    • Can work as true zero-voltage load for low-voltage sources (e.g. single H2 fuel cell)
    • Fully digital control and acquisition
    • Impedance spectroscopy up to 250 kHz, amplitude up to 50 A
  • Customized variants for current of 200 A .. 2 kA available