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Software for spectroscopy data measurement and processing


KolXPD screenshots: Multiple data loaded, angle-resolved experiment is displayed KolXPD screenshots: Multiview - quick comparison of similar spectra KolXPD screenshots: Multiview - fast quantitative preview KolXPD screenshots: LEED pattern management KolXPD screenshots: Automatic fitting of thousands of spectra in angle-resolved experiments KolXPD screenshots: Spectra fitting KolXPD screenshots: Fermi Edge diagram created using KolXPD KolXPD screenshots: XPD pattern created using KolXPD KolXPD used for system integration: Scheme of Materials Science Beamline system components integrated by electronics and software by kolibrik.net. <a href='/pages/references/kolibrik.net-msb-scheme.pdf' target='_blank'><img src='/pages/pic/pdf.png' /> Printable version</a>