Our products

Low power measurement


Small potenciostat for laboratory and educational purposes. Suitable for all standard electrochemical methods.


16 or 32 channel isolated A/D converter usable as thermometer with wide range of temperature sensors or as a precise voltmeter for fuel-cell stack or battery monitoring

Cell Voltage Monitor CVM32A

Stackable space effective CVM system designed for H₂ fuel-cell stacks.

Cell voltage monitor CVM24P

Stackable CVM system designed for H2 fuel-cell stacks

High power measurement


Mid-range four quadrant potentiostat suited especially for fuel cell testing. Cyclic voltametry, chronoamperometry, impedance spectroscopy (EIS) up to 1 MHz.


System for testing and EIS measurements of automotive-grade cells (e.g. 500 cm²) with currents up to 2 kA, AC current for EIS up to 50 A.


Zero-voltage load for high current fuel-cell and electrochemical testing. 


Impedance spectroscopy measurement at high-power fuel-cell stacks with external DC load.

Modular Control System

KMS - Compact Modular System

Credit card sized complete control system with modular I/Os. Microcontroler or embedded Linux CPU. Raspberry Pi compatible.

I/O DIN-Rail Modules

Custom I/O modules for DIN rail with rich features. Side-connected by RS485 bus, intended for control by PC software or for stand-alone operation.