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Software for spectroscopy data measurement and processing.

Basic, angle-resolved and photon-energy-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy methods: XPS, XPD, ARPES, RESPES, NEXAFS, etc. 

Without any license you can also import all supported file types. Don't hesitate to try it. After installation you can generate a trial license to explore all functions of KolXPD.

Get your license in eshop

Check KolXPD with free trial license which you can get after registration and is valid for one month

  1. Install and run KolXPD and then click on the button "Registration ..." in the about panel in the middle, it will open licensing window.
  2. Click the button "Generate trial licence ...". It will open your internet browser with a registration form.
  3. Fill in the form and submit. Trial licence will be generated and activation file will be sent you by email.
  4. Follow point 5 of "Activation of a licence".

Download KolXPD

Installation and activation guide


If you need more information or looking for specific solution or product, contact us through contact form or email info@kolibrik.net !

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