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Cell voltage monitoring

Solutions for cell voltage monitoring of fuel-cells, batteries and electrolyzers

Solution details

Cell voltage monitoring is crucial in many electrochemical and research applications to prevent damage of individual cells of fuel-cell stack or battery, to monitor lifetime conditions and ensure optimal working conditions. 

Kolibrik.net provides solutions for a wide range of laboratory, industrial, and transport applications.  

Our product portfolio starts with low-cost CVM32A,  32-channel cell-voltage monitor optimized for 1 V cells.

For applications requiring a wider voltage range, higher precision, or more we provide CVM24P, 24-channel cell voltage monitor with measuring range ± 5 V.

Both CVM32A and CVM24P are compact credit-card size modules which can be combined with other modules of the modular KMS system or even customer's rapid development modules such as Raspberry Pi to build complex control and monitoring solutions.

For high-precision and customer configurable applications you can choose TEVOMET - stand-alone device with 16 completely independent channels, each capable of measurement from microvolts up to ±150 V.

Product comparison


Number of channels 32 24 16
ADC resolution 12 bits 24 bits 16 bits
RMS noise 1 mV 10 - 100 μV up to 1 μV
Galvanic insulation 500 V bus to channels 2.5 kV bus to channels 500 V bus to channels and between channels 
Communication  RS485/Modbus
USB with KMS-PWR module
RS-485/Modbus, CAN
USB with KMS-PWR module
RS-485 / Modbus, USB, Ethernet 
Voltage measurement range ± 1.5 V ± 5 V each channel configurable, from millivolts (thermocouples) to ± 150 V  
Whole battery/stack voltage measurement  With external KMS module With external KMS module Yes
Automotive option  No Yes No
Chaining of multiple modules  Yes - up to 10 modules Yes - up to 20 modules Yes - up to 10 devices
Enclosure Optional, plastic Optional, plastic Aluminium

Custom designs

We also offer custom designed variants for mass production.

Examples in figures below: CVM32A, CVM64H



If you need more information or looking for specific solution or product, contact us!