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R&D Solutions  and Applications

Kolibrik.net offers a complete scale of R&D services for custom electronic design and integration of electrical measurement and control systems. We can support you during the design of your fuel-cell, electrolyzer, battery or any other testing and production system. We do offer services for small-scale experimental applications as well as for mass production. 

Our product portfolio includes also small laboratory equipment for measurement ant testing.  


Our competences

  • Hardware and software development
  • Custom PCB design
  • PCB assembly
  • Mechanical design
  • Third-party components interfacing
  • System integration
  • Commissioning and life-time support
  • Certification

Examples of our services

Control system for fuel-cell test station

We developed for several customers complete solution of electronics for fuel-cell testing station including:

  • Control of the gas management system - valves, flow meters, pumps, humidifiers….
  • Temperature management
  • High power switching 
  • Cell voltage monitoring system
  • Potentiostat / electronic load 
  • Integration of control and testing software


Balance of plant for fuel-cell power box

We developed several electronic control systems and power components for fuel-cell power box including:   


Measurement device for quality control of fuel-cell flowfields

We developed unique custom multi-layer multi-board measurement system for measurement of spatial current and temperature distribution inside the fuel-cell stack.

It included:

  • Custom PCB design
  • Development of unique multi-board soldering technology
  • Customization of CVM modules for current and temperature measurement
  • Custom measurement software
  • On site commissioning


Products for R&D

We do offer laboratory equipment for voltage and temperature monitoring. 

Simple single channel measurement provides our USB meters.

Multi channel measurement with mixed voltage / current ranges and various temperature sensors can be achieved with the TEVOMET device. 

Both devices offer USB connection to your lab PC including measurement software as well as possibility to integrate you experimental application via LabView drivers or simple serial communication protocol.



If you need more information or looking for specific solution or product, contact us!