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KolXPD - Software for measurement and processing of photoelectron spectroscopy data

LEANCAT FCS FCS - Potentiostat and automation for LEANCAT Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Stations

PicoPTC PicoPTC - Potentiostat for current ranges 100mA to 10nA, resolution down to 10pA

Scheme of Materials Science Beamline system components integrated by electronics and software by <a href='/pages/references/' target='_blank'><img src='/pages/pic/pdf.png' /> Printable version</a>
MSB - System integration and experiment automation offers more than 10 year experience in electronics development for science and industrial application.

We can provide

  • Range of electronic products for your laboratory equipment as well as for industrial environment
  • Complex solutions for hydrogen fuel-cell research and stack testing and control
  • Software for spectroscopy data acquisition and processing

Our services cover complete development and engineering process

  • Hardware design and manufacturing
  • Embedded and application software development
  • Project consulting
  • System integration