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Boost your Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer performance with EIS analysis

Learn how our MegaEIS System can help you measure and improve the performance of your fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Why EIS analysis matters?

Unlock Power with EIS Analysis

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) analysis is the ultimate technique to unlock the secrets of your electrochemical devices. Whether you are working with hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyzers, batteries, or any other system that involves electric current and chemical reactions, EIS analysis can give you a complete picture of what’s going on inside your devices. A standout feature of the EIS method is its unique ability to analyze your device seamlessly, during its standard operating conditions.

Gateway to Advanced Fuel Cell Understanding

EIS is a method used in electrochemistry to measure the impedance of a system over a range of frequencies, which can give useful information about the system's response to different timescales of perturbation. This can be particularly useful for studying fuel cells, as it can provide information about the different processes occurring within the cell, such as the reaction kinetics at the electrode surfaces, the diffusion of reactants and products, and the ohmic resistance of the electrolyte.

Fine-tune Impedance Spectrum

From the impedance spectrum, you can learn about the key factors that influence the performance and durability of your devices. You can extract valuable information about the physical and chemical processes that occur inside your devices, and how they affect their impedance characteristics. EIS analysis can help you fine-tune your devices, boost their performance and efficiency, and extend their lifetime.

Features for your hydrogen solution

EIS solution for every hydrogen scenario

We are the experts in EIS analysis for high-power hydrogen devices. Whether you need to test and characterize fuel cells, stacks, electrolyzers, redox-flow batteries, or any other electrochemical device, we have the right solution for you.

Simultaneous Multichannel EIS Acquisition

Revolutionize cell stack testing with the ability to gather data from all cells in a single measurement cycle. Our state-of-the-art technology enables both sequential and simultaneous EIS measurements across an impressive 1000 channels, offering unmatched insights and exceptional efficiency. Thanks to our sophisticated power output stage configurations, obtaining the exact data required for each cell becomes effortless, accelerating your research and development journey.

Powerful EIS Testing

Our systems can handle currents up to 2000 A and voltage up to 1000 V. With our special boosting technique using external DC loads, we can analyze fuel-cell stacks up to 250 kW. High current and voltage range making them suitable for testing large-scale devices and stacks. Kolibrik MegaEIS System can perform analysis at any current or power level, from open circuit to maximum load, giving you a comprehensive picture of the electrochemical behavior of your device.

Flexibility and compatibility

Advantages of Kolibrik MegaEIS System is its high flexibility and compatibility with different testing devices and software platforms. You can control our EIS testing system by any software platform that you are familiar with or comfortable with. Moreover, our testing EIS system can cooperate with external DC load which handles most of the stack power, reducing the cost and complexity of the testing equipment. This way, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient testing experience with Kolibrik MegaEIS System.

Ensure quality and performance

Our products let you test your devices in their standard operation conditions before they leave the factory. End-of-line testing of the stack can help you detect and prevent any defects, errors, or inconsistencies that may affect the functionality and durability of your devices. This way, you can catch and fix any issues that may affect their functionality and durability. Save time and money, reduce waste and rework, and increase customer satisfaction.

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What testing range do you need?

High-voltage Stack EIS Analyzer

Multichannel EIS solution
for fuel cell and electrolyzer stacks
< 1000 cells
Optional external load boost

Target parameters
1 … 250kW

Key product parameters
Max. 10 … 1000 V
Max. 100 … 2000 A
External load boost

Potentiostat with EIS for various use

Single cells
Short stacks < 10 cells

Target parameters
< 50 cm2
< 500 W

Key product parameters
+/- 5 … 10 V
+/- 20 … 100 A

Combo Devices

Custom combination of potentiostatic, load and source EIS functionality

We offer complex solutions and products with required parameters for your exact needs.

Other services

We offer services as recalibration, equipment rental, consultations or participation on research projects.

Example of measuring with Kolibrik MegaEIS System

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Chemnitz University of Technology

  • MegaEIS is a Multi-Channel EIS Analyzer for Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Stacks.
  • Designed for Hydrogen with High Currents and Peak Performance. Equipment deployed at the Chemnitz University of Technology can handle voltage up to 600 V and currents up to 650 A (16 kW) and measure 512 channels simultaneously up to 100 kHz.
  • The latest versions of MegaEIS can handle voltage up to 1000 V and currents up to 2000 A and measure 1024 channels simultaneously up to 100 kHz.

Institute of Power Engineering

  • TEVOMET TV16 - temperature and voltage monitor.
  • CVM-24 units - reliable system that offers better operability.
  • MegaEIS - allows detailed characterisation and optimisation of the stacks and has helped to optimized 10kW reversible SOC-based electorolyzer.

Areas of usual application

Whether you need to analyse electrolysers, fuel cells, batteries we have the right solution for you.


Electrolyzers use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, which can be used as clean and renewable fuels. For detailed EIS characterization, you can use our potentiostats for single cell research or for short stack evaluation. Our EIS source models can be used for characterization of full electrolyzer stacks.

Fuel Cells and Stacks

Fuel cells and fuel cell stacks convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water, providing clean and efficient energy for various applications. We provide potentiostats for single cell research, zero-voltage loads for high-power fuel cell EIS characterization under high current conditions over 1000 Amperes, or EIS analysis solution for powerful stacks with multichannel EIS acquisition capability.


Lithium batteries, redox-flow batteries, etc. are essential for storing and delivering energy from renewable sources. They offer advantages such as long lifetime, good scalability, and seamless integration in the electrical grid. For batteries, you can use our high-current potentiostats or high-power EIS analyzers combining load and source modes in one device.

Custom designs

Our MegaEIS System is modular and flexible, allowing you to customize your testing setup according to your needs and preferences. We offer custom designs of EIS measurement systems for various applications in the hydrogen industry, fuel cells and stacks, batteries and other electrochemical systems. EIS is a powerful technique that allows us to characterize your electrochemical device, revealing important information about the internal processes and performance. Whether you need a high-current potentiostat, a multi-channel EIS analyzer, or a specific configuration of parameters, we can tailor our solutions to meet your requirements and expectations.

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Want to learn how to improve the performance of your hydrogen solution?

If you’re looking for a smart and reliable way to measure and improve the performance of your fuel cells and electrolyzers, look no further than Kolibrik. Kolibrik is more than just a product. Kolibrik can help you measure and optimize the impedance of your high-power devices. Whether you need a standard or a customized variant, we can provide you with the best quality and price. It’s a solution that can transform your fuel cell or electrolyzer system and take it to the next level.

Contact us today and let us show you how Kolibrik can make a difference for you.

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