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Cell Voltage Monitor CVM24P

Stackable cell voltage monitoring (CVM) system designed for H2 fuel-cell stack research, testing and applications. CVM system can be used to prevent damage to individual cells, to monitor lifetime conditions, and to ensure optimal working conditions in applications. CVM24P module is ideal for testing and research purposes.

CVM24P module is designed as a precise automotive-ready solution with additional CAN bus for use mainly in hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers research, testing and applications.

For cost-effective solution for applications see CVM32A or CVM64H module and kits. For general temperature and voltage monitoring see TEVOMET. For comparison of all models see Overview.


  • 24-channels per board
  • Multiple boards can be daisy-chained 
  • Very compact design, part of FC Stack Control System
  • Compatible with other Kolibrik.net modules
  • Default channel range ± 5V, can be extended
  • 24-bit sampling, RMS noise 10-100 μV
  • Accuracy 0,02% of range + 0,05% of reading
  • Sample rate up to 500 sps
  • Communication buses
    • CAN bus, RS-485/XC2 (compatible with other Kolibrik.net modules)
    • USB (USB/RS485 converter in KMS-PWR module)
  • Stand alone or component of Compact Modular System and FC Stack Control System
  • Applications: H2 fuel-cell stacks and electrolyzer test stands, research and control systems, hydrogen technology, redox-flow batteries, etc.


Self-assembly kits

available in-stock for purchase in our eshop

CVM-Kit48P 2x CVM24P: 48 channels total, RS485/USB/CAN, 2x output, 2x input, Self-assembly kit
CVM-Kit120P 5x CVM24P: 120 channels total, RS485/USB/CAN, 5x output, 5x input, Self-assembly kit
CVM-Ext24P 1x CVM24P: 24 additional channels, 1x output, 1x input, Extension for self-assembly kit

Custom-made sets

  • custom number of channels
  • optionally assembled into plastic enclosure
  • we can provide you with custom cables
  • on demand modifications possible - connectors, enclosure, software functions, communication protocols, ...
  • we offer redesign for mass production


CVM32A - 32-channel Cell Voltage Monitor for H2FC stacks, voltage range ±5V, precision automotive version with XC2

CVM64H - 64-channel Cell Voltage Monitor for H2FC stacks, voltage range ±2.5V

Tevomet - Multi-channel temperature and voltage monitor / meter

KMS - Stackable modular system designed for size-restrained compact control solutions

Overview of all Cell Voltage Monitoring products


If you need more information or looking for specific solution or product, contact us!