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MegaEIS Product Family

MegaEIS product family is a precise modular testing system for EIS analysis of fuel-cell stacks and electrolyzers. System consists of power stage which handles the power, and EIS acquisition system which can perform impedance spectroscopy analysis at all cells simultaneously.

For fuel-cell stacks, power stage is built from EIS load modules. Your stack can have up to 1 000 cells and provide current up to 2 kA. System is designed for cooperation with external DC load which may handle most of the stack power (up to 300 kW). Maximum internal power dissipation of MegaEIS power stage can be up to 20 kW. System is water-cooled.

For electrolyzers, power stage is extended by internal or external power supply, so the system works as regulated power source, capable of EIS measurement.

EIS acquisition runs simultaneously on all channels, so the system is suitable for rapid and precise analysis in R&D, for QA in manufacturing, or in service diagnostics. MegaEIS also provides DC cell voltage monitoring and enables characterization using important electrochemical methods – Polarization Curves, Chronopotentiometry and Chronoamperometry, Load Cycling, Current Interrupt Technique, etc.


  • Stack voltage up to 1000 V
  • Stack current up to 2000 A
  • Inner dissipated power of MegaEIS up 20 kW
  • EIS measurement one cell gradually or all cells simultaneously
  • High precision current sensing of both DC and AC components


For fuel-cell stacks and batteries (loads)

Product Descritption
MegaEIS ME-24L200 24 channels, internal load 200 A / 70 V / 4 kW
MegaEIS ME-32L400 32 channels, internal load 400 A / 70 V / 8 kW
MegaEIS ME-40L1000 40 channels, internal load 1000 A / 70 V / 20 kW
MegaEIS ME-128L1000 128 channels, internal load 1000 A / 300 V / 20 kW

For electrolyzers (sources)

Product Descritption
MegaEIS ME-8S200 8 channels, internal source 200 A / 20 V / 4 kW
MegaEIS ME-8S500 8 channels, internal source 500 A / 20 V / 10 kW
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Potentiostat Product Family for research and testing of hydrogen cells, ± 5 V, ± 100 A, current ranges 20 mA - 20 A, Impedance spectroscopy up to 100 kHz

Potentiostat / Galvanostat

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