Potentiostats, Loads and Stack EIS Analyzers

Published on 16.4.2021
At the end of the Hannover Messe, we would like to introduce Potentiostats, Loads and Stack EIS Analyzers. They are developed for characterizing high-current automotive-grade fuel cells and for testing high-power stacks. With our devices, you can measure single cells with a current of over 1000 Amperes or stacks of power up to 250 kW. ...

Cell voltage monitoring

Published on 14.4.2021
Today we would like to introduce our Cell voltage monitoring solutions for fuel cell stacks, electrolyzers and flow batteries, which we present at the Hannover Messe. We offer high precision and cost-effective universal modular stackable cell voltage monitoring system. It is suitable for applicati...

DC/DC convertors

Published on 12.4.2021
At the Hannover Messe, we introduce one of our new solutions, namely DC/DC convertors, designed for hydrogen fuel cell stacks. This modular solution is suitable for stacks up to 15kW of power. It has constant voltage or constant current operation - suitable also for battery charging. Look at our Hannover Messe 2021 profile ...

Hannover Fair

Published on 8.4.2021
We are looking forward to meeting you online at our digital booth at the Hannover Fair on 12.-16.4.2021.

Job offers

Published on 30.3.2021
We are urgently recruiting new people to, s.r.o. to strengthen research, development, construction, production and trade!
Here are advertisements for some of the positions:
If you're interested, don't hesitate to l...