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PF 2023

Thank you for your trust and valuable cooperation. We wish you a Merr... Read more

Our new Sales Manager

We would like to introduce you our new Sales Manager Radek Novák. If y... Read more

Newest Products Presentation at MSV 2022 in Brno

Our CEO, Mgr. Jiří Libra, Ph.D., presented the newest electronic pro... Read more

Multichannel EIS characterization of high-power fuel cell stacks

We at Kolibrik.net develop electronic solutions for the field of hydro... Read more

New headquarters

We moved our headquarters and R&D to this nice place in the spring... Read more

Hannover Messe 2022

After a three-years gap, the #HANNOVER MESSE International Engineering... Read more

Kolibrik is presented in JASIS 2021 in Japan

Kolibrik.net participated in the JASIS 2021 Science and Analytical Tec... Read more

Cell voltage monitor with Raspberry Pi

Did you know, that you can combine our CVM modules with other rapid de... Read more

The Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen

The Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen has already started and we are... Read more

Kolibrik.net newly on Hyfindr portal

You can find our products newly also on https://hyfindr.com/?post_type... Read more

Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen 2021

In 3 weeks from now, on October 20 and 21, the Hydrogen Technology Exp... Read more

The F-cell event in Stuttgart 2021

The F-cell event in Stuttgart is just beginning and we are looking for... Read more