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Measurements with our MegaEIS

We performed measurements with our MegaEIS load at a redox-flow batter... Read more

Our Potentiostat exhibited in H2 & FC EXPO in Tokyo

Our Potentiostat was exhibited in the world's largest show for hydroge... Read more

Our new in-house scientist

🔬Would you benefit from having your own in-house scientist in the comp... Read more

Meeting with the Czech Minister for European Affairs

Czech Minister for European Affairs Martin Dvořák visited Kolibrik to... Read more

The partnership with Gamry Instruments

Kolibrik.net is thrilled to announce the partnership with Gamry Instru... Read more

New brand

Only six months separate these two photos. A completely new brand. And... Read more

Kolibrik debuts a new logo alongside its new generation of the products

Kolibrik has just announced its new generation products, and alongside... Read more

Kolibrik multichannel EIS measurement at Chemnitz University of Technology!

Kolibrik multichannel EIS measurement at Chemnitz University of Techno... Read more

Meeting with deputies of Hydrogen Memorandum

On the occasion of the recently concluded Hydrogen Memorandum of Coope... Read more

The world hydrogen summit and exhibition in Rotterdam

We are participating in the World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibitio... Read more

Hannover Messe 2023

The world’s leading tradeshow for industrial technology in Hannover, G... Read more