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DC/DC convertors

At the Hannover Messe, we introduce one of our new solutions, namely D... Read more

Hannover Messe Presentation

Look at our new video which was produced for the Hannover Messe. ht... Read more

Hannover Fair

We are looking forward to meeting you online at our digital booth at t... Read more

Cell voltage monitoring for big H2FC stacks

Cell voltage monitoring for big H2FC stacks Our cell voltage monitor... Read more

PF 2021

Thank you for confidence and valuable cooperation in 2020. We wish... Read more

The new article about our company

You can find the new article about our company on https://sdeleni.idne... Read more

The interview in The Silicon Review magazine

The american magazine The Silicon Review published the interview with... Read more

Kits based on CVM24P

We´ve already produced other cell voltage monitors kits based on CVM24... Read more

Kits based on CVM32A

We´ve newly started to offer cell voltage monitors kits. We made two k... Read more

Our new e-shop

We've just launched our new eshop for you. Look at https://eshop.k... Read more

Our japanese distributor TEGARA

The japanese company TEGARA has distributed our software KolXPD for ma... Read more

Our new american distributor The Fuel Cell Store

You can newly find our products at the american distributor The Fuel C... Read more