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Our new in-house scientist


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Our new in-house scientist

🔬Would you benefit from having your own in-house scientist in the company?

It's been nearly a year since Jan Fuksa joined Kolibrik.net and his impact is remarkable. 👏

Jan is the link between fuel cell science and our Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy devices. The comparative measurements he made last week on the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Station, both in the I-V curves and in the EIS, show that this link works well and that the measurement results of our Potentiostats are exceptional.

Jan's expertise and dedication are pushing innovation at Kolibrik even further🚀.

What could he help you with most?
👍 Creating and Improving advanced graph plotting algorithms.
👍 Solve with joy all the systems of integral and differential equations you come across.
👍 Follow state-of-the-art trends in data processing.
👍 Verify the measured data with reality.
👍 Help your children with challenging math homeworks.
👍 Drink lots of coffee.
👍 Anything else? Let us know in the comments!