CVM - Cell Voltage Monitor

Stackable CVM system designed for H2 fuel-cell stacks

  • 32-channels per board
  • Multiple boards can be chained through internal XC2 bus
  • Very compact design, part of FC Stack Control System
  • Compatible with other products for automation and measurement like Tevomet, DIN I/O modules, etc.
  • Default channel range +/-2V, can be extended
  • Max. voltage span of all channels is 36V - average range +/-1.125V per channel. If higher voltage per channel is needed, less channels must be used (e.g. 30 channels for +/-1.2V or 24 channels for +/-1.5V)
  • Resolution 1mV (12-bit)
  • Scan rate up to 1 kHz (depending on cell count and bus speed)
  • Component of Compact Modular System and FC Stack Control System
  • Applications: H2 fuel-cell test stands, H2 fuel-cell stack research and control systems