Kits based on CVM24P


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Kits based on CVM24P

We´ve already produced other cell voltage monitors kits based on CVM24P. We prepared two kits of different channel counts and one extension kit if more channels are needed.  

You can find more information about it on and you can also buy it directly on our new e-shop  

Power source KMS-PWR, 2x CVM-24: 48 channels total, 2x output, 2x input 24V, Self-assembly kit
Power source KMS-PWR, 5x CVM-24: 120 channels total, 5x output, 5x input 24V, Self-assembly kit
Extension for assembly kit, 1x CVM-24: 24 additional channels, 1x output, 1x input 24V

We still handle customized orders.