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Introducing the benefactor - The Giver of the Year is Kolibrik.net


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Introducing the benefactor - The Giver of the Year is Kolibrik.net

Do you know the hummingbird legend? The forest is burning. All the critters are running. Only a tiny hummingbird flies to the stream and scoops up water in its beak, rises above burning trees and extinguishes the water. All the animals are wondering why he's doing this. They call out to him: "You're stupid, fly! Do you think a little bird like that can put out a forest fire?!" The hummingbird is unaffected and is steadily continuing its extinguishing activity. To the animals, he replies: "I know I can't put out a fire on my own. But I contribute my share."And Popálky, o.p.s., a nonprofit organization that is currently helping the burn victims and their family members have their hummingbird. But this one is not as tiny as in the legend. It is a thriving Czech firm Kolibrik.net.s.r.o. from Žďár nad Sázavou, where Popálky is currently based. It develops laboratory measuring instruments as well as industrial solutions for science, research and applications. It exclusively sells its own products and has a strong R&D background. The company was founded by Mgr. Jiri Libra, PhD, who is just the Kolibrik=Hummingbird (as people have dubbed him) and supports the boorish or every month.