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Manufacturer of test stations for electrolyzers LEANCAT relies on Potentiostats with EIS

There is currently an urgent need for green hydrogen and necessity to analyse and increase efficiency of electrolyzers and fuel cells. LEANCAT decided to equip their electrolyzer test stations with Kolibrik Potentiostat line with range up to 100 A with EIS capabilities and loads/sources with EIS capabilities with currents up to 2000 A and power up to 20 kW (200 kW with booster) for their large fuel cells/electrolyzer stations.

LEANCAT has recently launched a new product line of test stations, the ETS-1. Recognizing Kolibrik potentiostats adaptability to a wide range of configurations and their high current capabilities, they've decided to include Kolibrik among the supported potentiostats for their ETS-1 test stations. Having used Kolibrik Potentiostats since the inception of the company, integrating them into the electrolyzer test stations further strengthens LEANCAT's longstanding collaboration with Kolibrik.

The ETS-1 station is suitable for the following applications:

  • Material and stack assembly research
  • Efficient stack production
  • Parameter testing of electrolyzers under various conditions
  • Testing of electrolyzers according to JRC standards

“Kolibrik products are not only reliable, but also cost-effective. We highly value Kolibrik's advancements in production capabilities, their focus on improving lead times, and the consistent effort they invest in technical support,” comments COO Jakub Matolín on the cooperation.

Potentiostats with EIS allow analysis of the cells of fuel cells, electrolyzers and consequently help the end customer to optimize and improve the efficiency of their systems.

LEANCAT is a leading manufacturer of test stations for PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers. They offer both standardized and highly customized solutions for testing single cells as well as large stacks up to 100 kW.

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