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Installation and activation of KolXPD

To install and activate  KolXPD please follow these instructions:


  1. Download KolXPD setup from http://kolxpd.kolibrik.net.
  2. Execute setup file, it will guide you through installation process.
  3. You can run KolXPD now, plain installation of KolXPD works as data viewer without activation.

Activation of a licence:

  1. If you purchased a licence, you were supplied by a licence file. Find this file and prepare for opening in activation process.
  2. Run KolXPD and click on the button "Registration …" in the about panel in the middle, it will open licensing window.
  3. Click the button "Enter licence file …". It will open your internet browser with a registration form.
  4. Enter a license file here and submit the form. Activation file will be generated and sent to your email.
  5. Open your email and save attached activation file anywhere temporarily.
  6. In license window of KolXPD click the button "Enter activation file …", find the activation file and open it.
  7. KolXPD will be activated and the "about" panel will change and show your licence information.

Creating a trial licence:

  1. Install and run KolXPD and then click on the button "Registration …" in the about panel in the middle, it will open licensing window.
  2. Click the button "Generate trial licence …". It will open your internet browser with a registration form.
  3. Fill in the form and submit. Trial licence will be generated and activation file will be sent you by email.
  4. Follow point 5 of "Activation of a licence".

Some remarks:

  • Activation must be done by Windows user account that has rights to install (e.g. same user that installed KolXPD).
  • Activation works for all Windows user accounts.
  • Activation file must be used exactly for that computer, from which it was generated.
  • With one license you can activate only one KolXPD installation at a time.
  • If you need to reinstall computer or you move to new one, you can activate KolXPD using a license file again.
  • Standard activation needs internet connection. If your computer don't have connection, select offline activation procedure in licensing window and follow instructions. You will need other computer with internet connection and a flash disk to transfer files between computers.
  • After activation you can delete the activation file. You should keep your license files. We have all license files backed up, in case you lost them, just write to support.

File type registration

After installing, you can register KolXPD extensions to explorer - then you can open files by double-click

  • run KolXPD and select Menu File Register file extention associations
  • in Windows 7 or Windows 10 it is necessary to run KolXPD as Administrator for this operation

Now, you can open files by:

  • double-click or enter in explorer
  • drag-and-drop them onto KolXPD windows
  • drag-and-drop them onto KolXPD icon
  • open dialog of KolXPD
  • recently opened files by down-arrow next to open button



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