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Electronics for H2FC Stack Test Stands

Automation control unit for hydrogen fuel-cell stack test stands


  • Used in high-power testing stations for fuel-cell stacks research
  • 18U-high 19" rack enclosure
  • input power 3x400V up to 3x40A
  • industrial fan-less PC, 17" touch monitor
  • up to 20 DIN-rail I/O modules: PWR, REL, DIO, AIO, XAM, ...
  • up to 16 pwm-regulated 230V/400V heating channels, 26 temperature sensors
  • water pump, water level sensors
  • 32 power outputs for valves etc.
  • pressure regulators, up to 16 pressure sensors
  • 6 mass-flow controllers
  • I/O for LED illumination, hydrogen sensor, ...
  • Potentiostat PTC-0520E
  • Software package for automation control & potentiostat measurements


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