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Electronics for H2FC Test Stands

Automation control unit for hydrogen fuel-cell test stands


  • Configurable automation unit in compact 9U-high 19" rack enclosure
  • Integrated industrial PC with automation & measurement software package
  • 17" touch-screen LCD monitor as comfortable user interface
  • External remote control by TCP/IP server or desktop-sharing services
  • Safety features and I/O signals for connection to external safety systems
  • Connection of external measurement devices e.g. Potentiostat
  • Modular setup using DIN-rail I/O modules
    • DIO - 24V/2-10A power outputs with current sensing and fusing, analog/digital inputs
    • AIO - differential analog inputs and outputs, available ranges 0-10V, +/-10V, +/-100mV, etc.
    • REL - module with classic or solid-state relays with contacts for 230V/2-5A
    • XAM - universal I/O, plugin system for custom configuration - e.g. galvanically isolated thermocouple-meter with cold junction compensation
    • Custom modules can be developed on request
  • Connection of automation device, actuators and sensors:
    • Electromagnetic valves (24V DC or 230V AC)
    • Heating elements (230V AC switched by SSRs)
    • Temperature sensors - thermocouples, Pt100/Pt1000, NTC, ...
    • Water pump, water level sensors
    • Pressure sensors and regulators
    • Mass-flow controllers
    • General I/O lines for other devices, safety system, lighting, etc.
    • Any other devices with I/O connection (digital or analog) or bus connection (ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, etc.)
  • Customizable software package allows local and remote control, remote monitoring, process logging, configuration by ini files and scripts, etc.


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