Electronics for H2FC Stack Control System

Hydrogen fuel-cell stack control system solution for in-field applications


  • Designed for cost-effective mass production whilst preserving possibility of fast evolution and customizations
  • Based on our Compact Modular System
  • Wide range of modules in development
    • Modules for stack technology actuators - valves, fans, compressors, etc..
    • Measurement modules - pressure gauges, flow meters, temperature sensors, cell voltage monitoring , powertrain voltage and current sensing, etc.
    • Power management modules - battery start-up, switching output power, switching electronics supply between battery, stack or external input, charging of battery, start-up load, control of DC/DC or DC/AC converters, etc.
    • Control and I/O - master module with microcontroller or embedded linux, general / custom I/O, communication buses (RS485/RS232, Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, LIN, etc.), HMI, etc.

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