Stackable CVM system designed for H2fuel-cell stack research and applications. CVM system can be used to prevent damage to individual cells, to monitor lifetime conditions, and to ensure optimal working conditions in applications.

CVM32A module is designed as a cost-effective solution mainly for applications. For research, automotive, testing and precision application see CVM24P or TEVOMET.


❖ 32 channel per board

❖ Basic channel voltage range ±1.5 V

❖ Maximum voltage span of all channels is 34 V

❖ Multiple boards can be chained for > 32 cell stack, connector for easy adjacent cell chaining

❖ Resolution 1 mV (12-bit)

❖ Input impedance > 100 MΩ

❖ Sample rate 100 sps

❖ Cell connection via 34-pin IDC connector

❖ Compatible with all other Kolibrik.net modules (KMS, DIN-rail I/O modules, Tevomet, ...), communication bus XC2/RS485

❖ IO (1x digital output, 1x digital input)

❖ Available customizations: up to 3x opto-isolated inputs or outputs; additional opto-isolated UART; different channel voltage range; customized communication protocol; higher sample rate up to 1 ksps

❖ Available accessories: power supply module for 12/24V DC; USB & serial (RS232) interface; Raspberry PI connection

❖ Application examples: H2 fuel-cell tests stands, H2 fuel-cell application monitoring, Control systems


cell voltage monitor card, 32 channels, 1 digital input, 1 digital output
CVM-Kit64A Power source KMS-PWR, 2x CVM-32: 64 channels total, 2x output, 2x input 24V, Self-assembly kit
Power source KMS-PWR, 5x CVM-32: 160 channels total, 5x output, 5x input 24V, Self-assembly kit
Extension for assembly kit, 1x CVM-32: 32 additional channels, 1x output, 1x input 24V


CVM24P - 24-channel Cell Voltage Monitor for H2FC stacks, voltage range ±5V, precision automotive version with CAN

Tevomet - Multi-channel temperature and voltage monitor / meter

KMS -  Stackable modular system designed for size-restrained compact control solutions 

Overview of all Cell Voltage Monitoring products


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