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I/O DIN-rail modules


  • Custom I/O modules for DIN rail with rich features
  • Side-connected by RS485 bus, intended for control by PC software
  • Intended for control by PC software or for stand-alone operation
  • Proprietary protocol XC2, up to 1MBd speed
  • Smart health self-monitoring, fuses, watchdogs etc. for safe operation
  • Custom software for user application, configurable by ini files and scripts
  • External control of software via TCP/IP, LabView drivers on request
  • Module types:
    • DIO - 24V/2-10A power outputs with current sensing and fusing, analog/digital inputs
    • AIO - differential analog inputs and outputs, available ranges 0-10V, +/-10V, +/-100mV, etc.
    • REL - module with classic or solid-state relays with contacs for 230V/2-5A
    • XAM - universal I/O, plugin system for custom configuration. Example of plugin: galvanically isolated thermocouple-meter with cold junction compensation
    • Custom modules can be developed on request
  • Used e.g. in LEANCAT   Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing Stations

Most sold

Product Description
REL 4x or 6x relays with NO contact
DIO 8x power digital output for 2-5A for inductive loads (valves) with PWM + 4x analog/digital input
AIO 4x analog input, 4x analog output
AI 4x analog input
8x general I/O (dig. I/O, analog I) + 4x thermocouple input
8x general I/O (dig. I/O, analog I) + 2x I2C bus for sensors (pressure, flowmeters, etc.)
8x general I/O (dig. I/O, analog I)
RGB 2x RGB LED controller
PWR Power&Bus module for DIN-rail I/O modules

If these variants do not suit you, please contact us, we offer customized solutions!


If you need more information or looking for specific solution or product, contact us through this form or on email info@kolibrik.net!